Nobody asked me, but…….. (no. 1)

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…The Maryland Terrapins met their match against Wake Forest on Tuesday at Comcast. They found a team which was just as bad as they are. Yes, I disagree with the Post’s characterization of the Terps’ play as “sharp. I’m not saying that the play by both teams was dreadful, but I can tell you that I am not picking either squad when I fill out my NCAA grid this March. Terp pundits know that this is Maryland’s worst team in years, and about five thousand of Comcast Center’s 18K capacity stayed home. It was the smart move.

…Maryland, Wake, North Carolina State, Georgia Tech, Virginia and Virginia Tech are all in the tank this year. Boston College, Florida State and Miami have a chance to be respectable. If the ACC isn’t careful, it may lose its accreditation as a premier basketball conference.

…The Maryland cheering squad, which is extremely large and loud, chants “You Suck” during opposing team introductions. I wonder if they do that at Harvard. When the home team is announced, the place explodes in light shows and pandemonium. There’s nothing wrong with enthusiasm, but it works better when the lineup is something like Baxter, Wilcox, Mouton, Dixon and Blake. As the season progresses further into mediocrity, the powers that be may want to tone down the rhetoric.

Javier Bardem, who portrays serial eliminator Anton Chigurh in “No Country for Old Men,” is the most sinister screen villain since Hannibal Lecter. You don’t want to rub this guy the wrong way, which is probably why Bardem is a shoo-in to win the best supporting actor Oscar.

…If Isiah Thomas spent as much time coaching fundamentals as he does selecting his wardrobe, perhaps the Knicks’ league-worst offensive and defensive field goal percentage numbers (43.9 and 48.5, respectively) might be reversed.

…Footbawler Terrell Owens’ crying screed (“It’s really unfair,……..sniffle, sniffle”) should achieve sound-bite immortality along the lines of Allen Iverson’s “Practice, you talking about Practice,” and Jim Mora’s ” Playoffs, Playoffs.” But you have to admire Owens’ Chutzpah. Having previously suggested that Jeff Garcia was a fagala and Donovan McNabb “scared,” he now holds himself out as the defender of quarterbacks. That’s two Yiddish references in the same paragraph, a personal best.

Dan Patrick is the best sportstalker on radio. He’s nationally syndicated and running on WTEM from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. I get more from ten seconds of Dan’s practiced silences than I do from ten hours of the Team’s locally produced blather. The Nattering Nabobs of Nonsense who comprise most of the Team’s regular line-up (You know who you are, Steve Czaban, Doc Walker, Al Kolken, Brian Mitchell) would do well to emulate Patrick’s laconic excellence.

…Wizard coach Eddie Jordan may have a problem on his hands when Gilbert Arenas returns from knee surgery in early March. The ‘Zards are clearly playing better without him. Their ball movement and defense are demonstrably improved. The suggestion here is that Arenas be employed as a sixth man, at least in the early stages of his return. He’s likely to score twenty points or more as a substitute playing about twenty five minutes or less. For the blend to work, Agent Zero must learn to temper his enthusiasm for 30-footers early in the shot clock and must look more for his very talented teammates.

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